Winter is the perfect excuse to rug up in front of the television, eat your weight in KitKats and binge on Netflix, just because you can, right?! Unfortunately, winter also provides some good conditions for burglars to strike. It’s getting darker earlier and people can become complacent as they’re often home.

As well as a risk of break-ins, there are several other threats that could jeopardise the safety of your home during winter. As it gets colder, it’s important to assess your current safety products and practices and make sure they are providing maximum protection for your home and family.

So, how can you beat the weather and the burglars this winter?


We’ve put together a list of our top ways to keep you home safe during winter this year.


1. Install or Repair Outdoor Lighting

While most burglaries that are reported occur in the late afternoon, during the winter months, an earlier night sky provides a cover that many criminals can’t resist. As the days are shorter in winter, it’s important to check that you have appropriate outdoor lighting installed and that it’s functioning properly. Having a well-lit path for your family and your visitors will ensure they are able to access your property safely after dark. Lighting is one of the biggest deterrents for burglars. According to Neighbourhood Watch, lighting your front door and other entry points also means that neighbours can see a suspicious person nearby your home.

Be sure to check that fixtures are firmly secured and replace outdoor light bulbs to give optimal light. Using motion sensor lights or smart light bulbs that you can schedule and control with your smartphone is a worthwhile option, especially during the winter months. Neighborhood Watch suggests that for additional security, consider installing timed floodlights in the branches of tall trees surrounding your home.


2. Maintain Air Flow

Did you know that in the cooler winter months Crimsafe windows can limit the escape of warmth from your home? This results in an increase in heat retention efficiency in your home. During winter, we are most prone to coughs and colds. Being cooped inside your home means that your whole household is more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. You can keep your family safe and healthy by taking preventative measures to warn off germs by letting fresh air circulate throughout your home as much as possible. The best time of the day to do this is with the morning sun.

Installing Crimsafe security screens on your doors and windows means that you can confidently enjoy the airflow, while knowing that your property remains safe and secure. Using an air humidifier and having indoor plants can also help to purify the air. Additionally, making sure everyone in the house washes their hands regularly with antibacterial soap is another important measure to prevent the risk of illnesses.


3. Fire Safety

From electric blankets to candle flames to portable heaters, a common safety concern during winter is an increased risk of house fires. According to Qld Fire and Emergency Services, most house fire fatalities occurred in colder months. The simplest way to avoid a house fire this winter is to turn off and unplug all electrical appliances when they are not in use

And don’t forget to develop an emergency escape plan for your home and family. 

During winter, storms can also cause electrical surges, which can spark a fire. If you are using portable heaters or fireplaces, be sure to keep curtains, tablecloths and bedding away from them and never leave them unattended. Another simple way to avoid a fire is to make sure you clean the lint filter every time you use the clothes dryer.


4. Secure Doors & Windows

Just like the rest of us, during winter you may be inclined to spend more time indoors. 

But did you know that burglars have confessed which factors appealed to them when choosing a house to target and the primary motivator was, ‘a house that appeared vacant or unoccupied’. 

While an unoccupied home is ideal for burglars, it’s not impossible for a burglar to enter while you are at home. Sometimes criminals brazenly enter through an unlocked door while you are out the back or they enter through an open window. It’s important that you habitually secure your doors and windows, whether you are at home or not. Interviews with intruders reveal that the biggest deterrent to breaking into a home is if someone is home. As much as you may like to be hibernating indoors this winter, you can’t be at home keeping your home safe ALL of the time. But your Davcon Crimsafe security screens can!


In addition to securing your home with Davcon Crimsafe security screens, here are some additional simple practices that will help you to keep your family safe this winter.

  • Always lock your doors and windows when you leave your home.
  • Make sure your external doors are locked overnight.
  • Offenders don’t usually like to break glass, so this will act as another deterrent. keep your windows closed and locked at night.
  • Draw curtains, blinds and shutters to prevent opportunist thieves from snooping and seeing the easy ‘grab and run’ opportunities.


Final Thoughts To Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

Running a security and safety check of your home every season is essential to keep you home and family safe. Taking the time to consider your safety processes and to inspect the condition of your security products will make all the difference when it comes to feeling confident and relaxed in your own home this winter. With peace of mind, you can feel secure inside your home with Davcon’s Crimsafe security screens, so you can get back to binging Netflix on the couch.


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