Crimsafe Patio Enclosures

Crimsafe Patio Enclosures

Crimsafe Patio Enclosures

Davcon Security Screens supply a complete range of Crimsafe patio enclosures to the places that need them most – Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast. So now you can enjoy your outdoor area in security, year-round. 


Crimsafe Provides All You Need

Your outdoor patio or entertainment area is most often the place that you want to spend the most time with your family, and your guests. But with bugs, pests and intruders, it’s often not all you wanted.

But, with Crimsafe’s patio enclosures you can keep everything unwanted out, while letting the light and airflow in.


Secure Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

Your outdoor entertainment area can be screened off securely with Crimsafe’s patio enclosures made of super-strong Tensile Tuff security mesh. When locked, your patio enclosure will provide your home and family with the same security as your Crimsafe front door. 

Crimsafe patio enclosures are custom made to fit almost any area – whether you’re covering an area from ceiling to floor or using the screens to form a roof or square corner that completely encloses your patio.


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Really Enjoy the Outdoors

Enjoy those sunny days and evening breezes without being bothered by flies, mosquitoes and other pests. Crimsafe’s mesh is both fly and mozzie proof and can reduce midges by up to 80%. Which means you won’t have any unwanted guests joining your barbeque! 

Crimsafe’s security screens also give you great visibility of your view or yard while allowing air and light circulation, without those harmful UV rays. Crimsafe screens can reduce UV radiation by 62% and solar heat by 53%! This will keep your entertainment area cool and inviting, even in the hottest times of the day. 



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