It seems anywhere you drive in Brisbane (and surrounding areas) at the moment, you’ll see new housing estate construction sites. Whilst it’s nice seeing these new communities popping up, unfortunately, these new developments are not immune to the scourge of burglaries. In our latest blog, we’ll uncover the factors that make these new residential havens… Continue reading

Easter is almost here and for many people, it’s the last chance to get away for a break before the colder months are upon us. Unfortunately, this means it is also prime time for home burglaries. With a rise in burglary claims throughout Queensland last year and youth crime being a serious issue at the… Continue reading

When it comes to home security, it’s natural to want the best for your family. But with the high cost of home improvements, finding affordable options can be challenging.  With more and more second-hand Crimsafe screens appearing on popular sites such as Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree, our concern is people will turn to these options… Continue reading

Crimsafe Ultimate double doors in white

Congratulations on choosing to install Crimsafe security screens! You’ve made a wise investment in the safety and security of your home. With Crimsafe’s proven ability to withstand massive impacts, you can rest easy knowing that you, your loved ones, and your valuable belongings are well-protected.  Now it’s time to prepare for your Crimsafe installation. Don’t… Continue reading

Davcon home security tips infographics

In a world where feeling safe and secure in our homes is a basic human need, it’s alarming to think that many households neglect even the most basic home security measures, such as locking doors and windows. Unfortunately for those forgetful people, studies have shown that just under ⅓ of burglaries were pre-planned – this… Continue reading

Woman using her crimsafe screen doors during summer

At Davcon, we’re sticklers for safety – and that’s why we ONLY provide Crimsafe security screens. In our opinion, they are simply the best security screen available on the market and nothing else comes close.  However, as long as there’s Crimsafe, there’s always going to be Crimsafe competitors. That’s okay because it means that Crimsafe… Continue reading

Crimsafe Ulitmate security screens installed by Davcon

  Moving interstate or even just to a new area in your city can be very exciting! Finding new cafes, local shops and shortcuts makes the day to day a bit of an adventure. And while checking out public transport and schools, general suburb safety is also important. It pays to do your homework about… Continue reading

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