What is Crimsafe


What is Crimsafe


What is Crimsafe

Crimsafe is a unique security screen system that has revolutionised the way you can protect your home or business. Crimsafe security screens have a stainless steel mesh that is screwed into the frame and clamped down with a unique ScrewClamp system.

The ScrewClamp is a key reason for Crimsafe’s strength, security and ability to keep out intruders. Competitors on the Australian market generally use a wedging system or glue to keep security mesh in place, which can easily be kicked out of place.

Crimsafe is not only incredibly strong, but it is aesthetically pleasing. From a distance Crimsafe simply looks like a flyscreen, and it also serves the same purpose; allowing you to open your windows in Summer whilst keeping insects out. Crimsafe, however, also keeps out intruders, keeping your family and home safe. Crimsafe Security screens exceed the Australian standard – see the testing results here…

An Incredible Performance Difference

The difference in performance between Crimsafe security screens and ordinary security mesh products is incredible. Crimsafe security protects against the physical assault that a burglar or intruder would apply like no other stainless steel security screen product.

The Crimsafe Difference

  1. Crimsafe uses Structural Grade 304 stainless steel; other security screens use 316 Marine steel. Crimsafe’s 304 Structural Grade stainless steel mesh has a higher tensile strength than 316, meaning it has a higher resistance against applied force and knife attacks. Crimsafe is also coated in its specially-formulated, high-durability powder coating which means corrosion levels between the 304 and 316 steel meshes are virtually the same.

  2. Crimsafe uses thicker mesh. You get more metal for your money. The strands of mesh in Crimsafe are 0.9mm thick. Others are 0.8mm. This means even though the difference cannot be seen with the naked eye, Crimsafe mesh is actually 26.5% thicker than the others and correspondingly stronger.

  3. Crimsafe mesh is coated with a high quality, commercial grade UV fade-resistant black powder coating to further protect and enhance the finished look of your Crimsafe product.


The Crimsafe Test

In 2009 the University Of New South Wales School Of Aerospace and Civil and Mechanical Engineering (now School of Engineering and Information Technology) at the Australian Defence Force Academy, at the request of Crimsafe, designed a rigorous scientific test to determine exactly how much force Crimsafe screens can resist from an impact before breaking. We also tested stainless steel security screens bought directly from 9 leading competitors.

Of the competing brands tested, 6 failed to meet the current minimum standard of impact resistance as required by the Australian Standard AS 5039—2008 and Methods of Testing AS 5041—2003. These screens are leading brands and many broke before withstanding even the basic requirement of 5 impacts of 100 joules of impact energy!

These test results clearly showed that Crimsafe security screens were by far the strongest of the products tested.


The above graph shows how Crimsafe screens out performed other competitor products tested.


Of the 10 competing products tested in 2011:

  • 8 failed to reach the 200 joules level recommended by UNSW@ADFA

  • 6 failed to reach the 100 joules level required by the Australian Standard

  • Only 2 managed to pass the Australian Standard


Crimsafe Security Screens passed easily!

  • Crimsafe’s regular security screens withstand up to 500 joules of impact energy in a singular impact, that’s 5 times the singular impact level of 100 joules required by the Australian Standard 5041.

  • Crimsafe Ultimate withstands 700 joules of impact energy in a singular impact, being 12 times higher than the singular impact level of 100 joules required by the Australian Standard 5041.

  • Crimsafe’s commercial screen withstood 1200 joules of impact energy in a singular impact, being 12 times higher than the singular impact level of 100 joules required by the Australian Standard 5041.


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