Crimsafe Regular

Crimsafe Regular

Crimsafe Regular


Crimsafe Regular is the security screen that revolutionised the industry 25 years ago. Crimsafe Regular provides a strong and affordable solution to your home security. Crimsafe spent years researching and developing an Australian Made security screen with unrivalled strength and aesthetics.


Essential protection for your home and family.

Crimsafe Regular installation by Davcon in Pearl White



The Original & Affordable Crimsafe

While Crimsafe Regular is the affordable Crimsafe solution for your family, it doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing safety. Crimsafe Regular features specially designed stainless steel Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff mesh, gripped by a unique screw-clamp system fastening the mesh to the frame.

This unique design can withstand up to 550 Joules of impact which exceeds Australian Standards in dynamic impact testing including jemmy testing, knife shear testing, shear pull testing and probe testing.

You can be sure your family is in safe hands with Crimsafe Regular with a standard 10 year Crimsafe warranty and optional 2 year extended warranty.


Crimsafe Regular in White Birch installed by Davcon


What makes Crimsafe Regular Different

Crimsafe Regular is your perfect alternative to diamond grille or unsightly window bars. Offering flexibility and customisation to suit your home, Crimsafe Regular can match your home’s style and secure your family.

  • Secure triple locking system where the door locks into the frame.


  • Exceeds Australian Standards and can withstand up to 550 Joules of impact.


  • Our specially developed Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® mesh uses 0.9mm 304 structural-grade stainless steel. This means that our woven mesh is up to 26.5% thicker than most other mesh products on the market that use 0.8mm wire.


  • Crimsafe’s unique Screw-Clamp technology secures the mesh to the frame using a vice-like grip, reinforcing our screens with exceptional strength.


Safety in Style

Crimsafe Classic is available in the following products, but is continuing to expand its range regularly.

            • Hinged doors
  • French doors
            • Sliding doors
  • Fixed windows
            • Stacking doors
  • Safe-S-Capes
            • Hinged Windows


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