Crimsafe Windows

Crimsafe Windows

Crimsafe Windows

Crimsafe windows are custom-made to order to perfectly fit and protect every home. As a leading supplier and installer of Crimsafe security windows in Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast, Crimsafe’s high quality security screens offer reliable security for your home.

Protect every room of your home with Crimsafe Security Windows.

Superior Safety and Protection

Using the same patented Screw-Clamp™ method used on our range of security doors, the Tensile Tuff® Security mesh in each of our security windows is screwed into the frame and clamped firmly down in a vice-like grip, as opposed to simply glued or embedded into the frame. This makes Crimsafe’s security window screens virtually impossible to cut, kick in or damage, keeping you and your family safe and sound – take a look!

Look Great with Crimsafe

Crimsafe’s security screen windows offer heavy-duty security without the heavy-duty look of unsightly grilles and bars, allowing uninterrupted views through your windows. Our security screen windows are available in a wide range of standard colours, as well as a speciality ranges, so you can keep the look and feel of your personal style while staying safe.

Keep your family safe in all areas of your home with Crimsafe Security Window Screens


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You’re Not Locked In

It’s commonly thought that security windows on a home mean that in the case of an emergency, your family will be trapped inside your house. However that’s not the case. You’ll be able to add Safe-S-Capes hinged or sliding to any window meaning you’ll easily be able to open the window for you and your family to safely exit if needed. 

Custom & Practical

All of our Crimsafe security screen windows are custom made, which means a perfectly fitted job, no matter what sized windows you have. And because Crimsafe screens are tough and rust-resistant, you can easily clean your windows through the screens (and clean the screens themselves).

Perfect for South East Queensland

Crimsafe security screens are ideal for Queensland’s ever-changing and often harsh climates. Protect your home from fire, cyclone, hailstones and flying debris, UV rays and of course flies and mosquitoes with Crimsafe security screens. At the same time Crimsafe lets in the breeze keeping your home cool and feeling fresh.

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