Crimsafe iQ

Crimsafe iQ


Crimsafe iQ is Crimsafe’s range of security technology to give you peace of mind for the safety of your home and family. This range has passed the toughest burglar-resistance testing, not only in Australia, but in the world! This technology includes superior locking solutions, anti-jemmy heavy duty hinges and a wider, stronger frame.


Protect your home and family with the strength of Crimsafe Security Screens combined with the latest in home technology.


Crimsafe iQ installed by Davcon Security Screens Brisbane


The Crimsafe iQ Difference

Crimsafe iQ uses patented technology and the smooth profile of Crimsafe Ultimate as its foundation but Crimsafe iQ adds anti-jemmy heavy duty hinges and a wider, stronger frames – making it highly resistant to any attack.


The Crimsafe iQ range has passed the toughest burglar-resistance testing in the world! This test includes:

  • Impact testing using a 50kg impactor

  • Load testing up to 300kg on both internal and external directions

  • Resistance to manual break-in attempts with a range of tools

  • With advancing technology and smart features to provide maximum security and convenience, Crimsafe iQ is the first Crimsafe product to incorporate smart technology. Which gives you the flexibility to choose between a mechanical or electronic option.

  • Crimsafe iQ combines maximum convenience with maximum security so it’s the perfect choice for any home, business, buildings, retail outlets, banks and even hospitals and health facilities

  • Crimsafe iQ lets you choose between the iQ-m series, with mechanical key lock and the iQ e-series with electronic access options.

  • The iQ-m door features five individual lock modules, providing ten-point locking, and mechanical key lock.

  • The iQ-e door features three lock modules, providing six-point locking, and electronic access options including PIN code keypad.



Crimsafe iQ door with touchpad system in black



Crismafe iQ is designed with everything you get from Crimsafe Ultimate

With unique screw clamp technoloyg to resist powerful impacts, tamper resisteant screens and Crimsafe’s own Tesile-Tuff mesh, it’s no wonder that Crimsafe Ultimate is our most popular Crimsafe range. Crimsafe Ultimate is 7 times stronger than Australia’s standard in impact testing, making it pretty much impossible to separate the frame from the mesh. So your stainless steel mesh won’t easily pop out of the frame. 

Crimsafe iQ uses the Crimsafe Ultimate range with added tech features to take your security to the next level: 

  • Individually programmable PIN codes (iQ-e only).
  • Electronic access via Bluetooth with manual key override (iQ-e only).
  • Day/night programming can specify whether the door should lock automatically on closing. 
  • Emergency release from inside only.
  • Multiple access options including manual key entry, PIN code keypad, Bluetooth or fingerscan.
  • Access to programming feature via mobile app.


You’ll also get all the benefits of the Crimsafe Core range

  1. An extensive colour range so whatever security screens you choose, they’ll seamlessly match your home’s decor and won’t create an eye-sore like other security screens can cause! Choose from colours like pearl white, stone beige, deep ocean, satin black or bronze anodized.
  2. A rust-free security screen that requires very little maintenance! You won’t have to worry about rain or humidity causing any problems for your security screens.
  3. Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff mesh will keep out flies and reduce mosquitoes and up to 80% of midges from coming into your home! But the mesh has been designed in such way as to still let in 53% airflow, while filtering out 62% of UV radiation! So even with the screens, you’ll be able to open your house up to let in all the good stuff with none of the bad.


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