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At Davcon, we custom-make all our Crimsafe security screens. Giving prices without seeing your home is very difficult, as the size and type of windows and doors vary with each property this affects the cost of Crimsafe.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to have one of our security screen specialists visit your home so they can measure your windows and doors and give you a price indication. This way you can also discuss any other queries you might have and see product samples and available colour ranges.

If you’re still building your home, you can email your house plans or product measurements and one of our security consultants can give you a quote based on these details provided, which will be subject to a final onsite measure.

Our quotes are free and you have no obligation to buy.

We service the Brisbane area and the Gold Coast. See our locations page for a full list of suburbs.

  • Ultimate double hinged security doors
  • Ultimate sliding security door
  • Double sliding security screen
  • Ultimate hinged Safe-S-Cape
  • Ultimate Inswing
  • Ultimate fixed security screen
  • Single sliding security screen
  • Ultimate bi-fold doors
  • iQ-e hinged security door
  • Ultimate hinged security door

Crimsafe offers a wide range of colours to match the decor of any home including; Pearl White, Primrose, Stone Beige, White Birch, Satin Black, Woodland Grey, APO Grey, Deep Ocean, Bronze Anodized and Clear Anodized.

For a full range of colours and more information, check out our Crimsafe Colour Ranges Guide.

Crimsafe has a standard 10 year* warranty on the frame and mesh. An extended warranty is available to extent to 12 or 15 years, please visit Crimsafe’s website for further warranty details.

Davcon has a three year warranty on moving parts eg. locks. Please ask to see a copy of our warranty terms and conditions.

We organise a time for one of our security representatives to visit your house to provide you with a free no obligation quote. As part of their visit, our Security Specialist will then consult with you, measure doors and windows and give you a quote. If you wish to go ahead with the order, we will then organise for a final measure to be carried out. If your order is more than $3,300 you will be sent a QBCC for your signature and return. Once the final measure is completed and a 30% deposit is payable, in order to start manufacturing your goods.

You will then receive notification informing you of a date for your installation, and two days beforehand you will get a call informing you of the arrival time of install. Upon the installer’s arrival, the final balance owing will be collected and the goods will be installed.

Crimsafe mesh is made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel which on its own has a lifespan of approximately 65 years.

In the industry-standard Salt Spray Test, a salt solution is sprayed at the test samples for 1,000 hours, simulating 10 years of exposure to very harsh weathering conditions. The Crimsafe security screen system tested passed a massive 3,000 hours with no corrosion. Our Tensile-Tuff® security mesh passed 10,000 hours with no corrosion.

High grade pre-treatment and high durability powder coat technologies are applied to further protect and enhance the finished Crimsafe product. Together, this makes Crimsafe highly resistant to corrosion.

Fly screen have holes 1.5mmx1.3mm wide in the mesh and Crimsafe mesh have holes 1.5mmx1.5mm.

Crimsafe mesh is both fly and mosquito proof. Crimsafe doesn’t claim to be midge or sand-fly proof however Crimsafe does reduce the midges getting through by about 80%.

Crimsafe mesh only comes in black. This is because black mesh permits the best visibility. Black absorbs light. If the mesh was any other colour it would reflect that colour into your eyes and reduce visibility through the screen.

Yes! Pet doors can be installed in Crimsafe panels, however these are not endorsed by Crimsafe and once installed in your product, it does not meet the Australian Standard and is no longer classified as a Security product.

Davcon uses Pet way-Pet flaps and they are available in small, medium and large.

Yes. Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff ® mesh acts similarly to an air conditioner filter or a pool filter, in that it traps dirt and impurities and requires cleaning on a regular basis.

You should clean your Crimsafe screens in accordance with Crimsafe’s Care Guide.

Yes, Crimsafe meets the requirements of Australian Standard AS3959-2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas. With an aperture size of less than 2mm, Crimsafe screens can prevent the spread of embers and can be used in all bushfire zones including BAL-FZ.

Crimsafe can reduce the intensity of radiant heat by up to 45% (as tested by CSIRO*) and is deemed an ‘alternative solution’ for fire attenuation. A Fire Safety Report by a Fire Protection Engineer or Certifier is required.

Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff® security mesh undergoes several hardening processes to make it stronger than ordinary steel of the same diameter. The mesh is stronger than any of our current competitors’ mesh in its class. 

All Crimsafe products have significantly outperformed the impact levels required by Australian Standards, and can resist higher levels of impact than competitor products. Crimsafe also passes Australian Standards for jemmy testing, pull-testing and knife-shear testing. View Crimsafe Testing Results.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) prohibits the installation of security screens valued at more than $3,300 unless first in accordance with the Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000 (the Act) certain notices and information are given and then a contract conforming to the Act is entered into. In compliance with the Act the following documents are provided:

  • A copy of contract #XXXXX between yourself and Davcon for your signature.
  • QBCC Consumers Building Guide.
  • Confirmation Form

Crimsafe doors can be made without a mid-rail, however they are recommended as a mid-rail greatly increases the strength of the screen door and its resistance to jemmying, and aids in visually identifying the presence of the security screen.

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