Crimsafe Serveries & Safe-S-Capes

Crimsafe Serveries & Safe-S-Capes

Crimsafe Serveries & Safe-S-Capes

Crimsafe Serveries keep your home safe and make entertainment easy and also act as an emergency exit. Servery and Safe-S-Cape security screens can swing outward or inward, or fit single, double or triple sliding windows to suit your home design. 


This Crimsafe product is a 3 in 1 solution for your home. 


Easy Entertainment

Our Crimsafe servery security screens make entertaining easy. Installed between your kitchen and outside entertainment area, you can simply slide open your servery window to join the party while you prepare food and when you’re done, simply pass your food and drinks quickly and effortlessly through the hatch.


Simplicity & Safety

It’s essential to ensure that you can secure and lock down your house so that nothing can get in. But you also need to be prepared for an emergency, and have a quick escape route to get your family out. Crimsafe has designed a range of Safe-S-Cape security screens for your windows. 

With Safe-S-Capes, you don’t need a key. You can simply unlock them from the inside with a push release system (or handle operation when using Crimsafe Ultimate) that’s so easy, even your kids can operate them safely and quickly. These windows are available in a sliding window option, or can be hinged on any side so they can swing in or out, from the top or bottom of the window depending on whether you choose Crimsafe Regular or Ultimate. You can be assured that a Safe-S-Cape can fit almost any window in your home. 


Crimsafe open safe-s-cape


Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes

While Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes give you and your family a quick and easy emergency exit, they still have the same Crimsafe integrity and strength to keep any burglars and break in attempts at bay. Our team of security consultants can advise you on the best places to install emergency escape security screens in your home

Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes are made with the same strong Tensile Tuff stainless steel mesh and screw-clamp system that’s been proven to be significantly stronger than its competitors.


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