We’re proud to announce that the brand new Crimsafe iQ Range is in stock! We have the iQ-e in the showroom right now, ready for you to check out and to protect your home and family. Crimsafe iQ features the latest in safety technology and is the toughest range yet.

When it comes to safety, Crimsafe just can’t help themselves.

Crimsafe Regular and Ultimate products are already top of the range when it comes to home safety in Australia. But Crimsafe continue to develop even more advanced technology with Australia’s strongest stainless steel security door yet.



The Crimsafe iQ Difference

All past and present Crimsafe product ranges have passed Australian Standards testing in spades. So for the the brand new Crimsafe iQ, they’ve been doing even bigger and better testing. The Crimsafe iQ range has passed the toughest burglar-resistance testing in the world!

This burglar-resistance tests strength from the inside out higher than ever before including:

  • Impact testing using a 50kg impactor
  • Load testing up to 300kg on both internal and external directions
  • Resistance to manual break-in attempts with a range of tools

This means that the Crimsafe iQ range is the toughest security screen in Australia.

This is all well and good – however what does that mean to you? Basically, the brand new technology of this range includes options of:

  • A superior locking system
  • Anti-jemmy heavy duty hinges
  • A wider, stronger frame
  • Electronic access via Bluetooth with manual key override
  • Individually programmable PIN codes
  • Emergency release from inside only



Crimsafe iQ-e for Modern Living

Crimsafe know that as modern technologies change lives, their products also need to keep up to remain relevant and be everything you need.

The Crimsafe iQ-e range features three lock modules, providing five-point locking and electronic access options including PIN code keypad and Bluetooth.

Your 4-digit keypad entry with Crimsafe iQ-e can hold up to 18 users and can even be connected via bluetooth! Simply download the Lock Management  App and connect to your phone via Bluetooth so that you can unlock your doors with ease and without the need to enter your entry code every time.

When you’re coming home from a long day, with your arms full of groceries, bags, work, pets and kids your doors will know you’re coming – and make life a little easier for you. Fitting seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

This also means that if you’re prone to forgetting your keys, as long as you have your phone with you and the app installed, you’ll never be locked out again.



Crimsafe iQ Still Has Everything You Know & Love About Crimsafe

All of this brand new technology and advanced safety features doesn’t mean that the well known benefits that have always come along with Crimsafe products have been sacrificed.

From the great style and design of the products themselves to the weather protection of Crimsafe’s Tensile Tuff mesh – you can’t lose!

Learn more about why Crimsafe is the best solution for your home or business, read the Top 5 Reasons to Choose Crimsafe Security Screens.


See the new range for yourself

If you want to see crimsafe in action and how the different colours and styles can fit in with the decor and design of your home or business come see it in person in our showroom. Simply give us a call on 07 3875 2326 and we’ll make sure one of our friendly Security Consultants are available to answer your questions and help you find the right solution.  

Our showroom is open Monday – Friday from 8am to 4pm at 28 Meadow Avenue, Coopers Plains for all your security needs. There’s no requirement to book, but we recommend calling ahead to get the best possible service.

If you have any more questions, give our friendly team a call today on 07 3875 2326 or if you’ve heard enough Request a Free Quote Online and start your journey to a safer home today.

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