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Are you thinking about having security screens installed? Have you done the research yet can’t find a reliable price estimate? Well, there is a good reason for it. The best way to identify the price of installing security screens is to receive a quote. If not, it is inherently difficult to gauge the price. So much so, that the majority of security companies, including Davcon, ask to visit your home before providing a quote. For you to understand security pricing, we will go through the variables that affect the cost and show you just how convenient quotes can be.


Factors that contribute to price

The cost of having Crimsafe security screens installed is determined by a combination of factors. These factors include:

  • Height and width. The height and width of your current windows and doors, or the space you wish the windows or doors to occupy.
  • Product type. Davcon offers a variety of security doors and security windows including serveries and Safe-S-Cape windows. We also offer patio enclosures and bi-fold door systems. The type of product you choose will be reflected in your quote and is one of the largest factors in the pricing.
  • Product range. Davcon now offers four products in the Crimsafe range – Crimsafe Regular, Crimsafe Classic, Crimsafe Ultimate and Crimsafe iQ. To better understand the differences between each product, check out this article.
  • Colour. The last price influencing factor is the colour you choose for your products. However, this is the smallest influencer on the price.
  • Locks and hardware. While the Crimsafe screens are tailor-made for each home and the quality of the Crimsafe screen will never waiver, licensees can use  selective  locks and hardware. 
  • Company overheads. Businesses need to support their staff, factory and business models. So you’ll be paying for a portion of their overheads when you’re paying for your Crimsafe security screens.

All of these things can drive up the cost of your installation. And some companies may not give you a breakdown of where their costs come from.

If you can have a breakdown of where your costs are going, you can learn where the prices differ between companies.


Davcon provides physical, convenient quotes

Every Crimsafe product that Davcon installs into homes is custom-built for that specific house. Customising every product is the primary reason that Davcon provides potential clients with a physical quote. By physical quote, we mean that our security specialists come to your home, take measurements, discuss with you your options, and provide their recommendations. 

Not only are our quotes free and require no obligation to purchase, they are also incredibly convenient, and here’s why…

At Davcon Security Screens, we understand not everyone wants to replace all their windows and doors at one time. So, an excellent feature of our quoting process is our security professional’s knowledge of which area of your house is of the highest priority. The doors or windows that should get done to provide the highest security benefit for your home.

All quotes are itemised. Our security experts will measure all your windows and doors and provide an itemised price list. This means you can pick and choose what is affordable, at any time.

We can make exceptions if we have the right information. Davcon understands home visits are not always optimal or desired. So, if you have an issue with a physical quote, we can provide you with a quote via email or through our website. There are a couple stipulations to this exception. Firstly, we need house plans or general sizes of your windows and doors in order to provide a quote. Secondly, the quote request must be made via email or the website, we do not provide quotes verbally over the phone.


Why Davcon’s Crimsafe Prices are so Competitive

At Davcon, we’re a small, family run business and we’ve been working exclusively with Crimsafe for over 25 years.

We often find that customers will come to us with quotes from other Brisbane Crimsafe installers – and our prices nearly always come out as the less expensive option. And you may be wondering, “how can you offer such good discounts?”


Well, there are a number of reasons we’re able to keep our prices so competitive:

    • We don’t have (or need) a large factory! Because we specialise in just one product – Crimsafe. And that means we don’t need such a large factory as other companies who are manufacturing many products.
    • We only work with Crimsafe. We’ve mentioned this before, but it does make a difference to our costs! All Crimsafe products are manufactured to order. So we don’t have any products that are ‘standard’ or ready to go, as you’ll find with many other window and door fixtures. So we don’t need to keep other products in stock.
    • We keep our team small. Being a family-run business, we love working with a close team. A smaller team means fewer overheads – so we can pass those savings onto you!
    • We don’t use subcontractors. Using subcontractors can be a cheaper alternative to our large competitors, as they have multiple products and services to focus on, that’s not the case for us. Because we focus on just one product, our installation team are full time staff who are experienced in Crimsafe. So you’ll have a more experienced team manufacturing and installing your Crimsafe products.
    • We only use Crimsafe-approved locks & hinges. For the best quality Crimsafe security we only use the hardware that’s been approved and recommended by Crimsafe. And because we’ve saved money in other areas of our business (as mentioned above) – we can afford to use only the best quality hardware without pushing our prices up.


We choose to display our recommended retail cost, along with the discounted saving (where applicable) on all quotes, this leaves no surprises.


If you’re ready to secure your home with Crimsafe security screens, call Davcon today on 07 3875 2326 or request a free quote online.

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