Real Life Attack on a Crimsafe Door

Watch this attack on a Crimsafe door to see exactly why Crimsafe is the best security screen system for your home and family.


Imitation Crimsafe – Entry Gained in Under 6 Seconds!

The Warner’s story started 2 years ago when they bought a house advertised as having Crimsafe but which instead had an inferior product claiming to be a ‘Crimsafe equivalent’ installed . That security door was put to the test by Crimsafe on July 15th and entry was gained in under 6 seconds.

Watch this Crimsafe Security Screen Easily Resist A Kick Test

This tester was quite confident he would be able to kick through a Crimsafe screen…


A Crimsafe Bi-fold Door Installation

See how a practical and stylish Crimsafe bi-fold door is installed.

Get The Real Crimsafe


Make sure you don’t commit the safety of your loved ones to a security screen that allows criminals entry into your home in under 6 seconds. Get Crimsafe – and ensure the Crimsafe you are being sold really IS genuine Crimsafe.


Crimsafe Security Screens vs Competing Products

Crimsafe Security Systems engaged the University of NSW at the Australian Defence Force Academy (UNSW@ADFA) to conduct a series of independent tests measuring the impact resistance levels of various Crimsafe products and the stainless steel security screens of competing brands. The results speak for themselves…


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