Keep your home safe during brisbane storms with Crimsafe

In South East Queensland, the start of summer is best known for one thing – storm season. To other Australians, storm seasons can sound scary, but it’s just another part of life for us Queenslanders. And we know how to prepare when those dark clouds come rolling in.

The damage caused by storms can be unpredictable, so you need to be prepared for all situations.


1. Clean up your yard

When it starts to get muggy, spending just an hour or two in your yard can make all the difference to what happens when the storm hits.

    • Clean up any unsecured items in your yard, like umbrellas, kids toys, outdoor furniture or tree branches.
    • Check for damage to your fences and roofs and make any required repairs.
    • Trim and tidy up any branches or plants that are getting a bit bushy and could cause some damage if they were to break off.

This is one of the easiest things that you can do to prepare your home for storm season.


Car damaged from Brisbane storms

2. Keep your vehicles safe

This one is pretty easy. Get your car in your garage or carport! If you don’t have one of these though, find a place on the street to park your car away from overhanging tree branches in case there’s a break.


3. Where are you pets?

While we understand what’s happening when storms are going on, your pets might not know what all those loud sounds mean.

Make sure your dogs and cats are inside and have a safe place to wait out the storm. Whether that’s sitting next to you on the couch, or a corner with their bed and toys, making a safe space for your pets can help keep them calm.

Remember, pets can pick up on your emotions, so if you stay calm, they’ll stay calm!


4. Do you have an emergency plan?

In case of a particularly bad storm, your family needs to be prepared. Your emergency plan will cover you for a blackout (a common result of a storm!) up to a storm so bad it’s declared a natural disaster.

Every home needs an emergency kit that includes everything you might need during a storm – batteries, torch, radio, matches, first-aid kit and bottled water.

Waiting out a scary storm without having to fumble around in the dark for a radio and light source can make all the difference to your storm experience.


5. Unplug your appliances

A lot of people think that unplugging electrical items during a storm is a myth, but it does hold some truth! Using electronics and appliances during a storm doesn’t increase the chances of your home being struck by lightning.

If your appliances are plugged in, and a lightning strike hits near a powerline it can cause a power surge that could cause a short circuit or damage to your appliances. So it’s best to unplug when the thunder starts!

Safe-S-Cape security screens installation

6. Get storm protection with Crimsafe

Crimsafe security screens are specially designed to protect your home against flying debris from gusts of wind up to 392km per hour. And can withstand huge impacts. Crimsafe security screens pass the highest standard for Cyclone Debris Screening including protection against hail and other debris.

Securing your doors and windows with Crimsafe security screens means that if something hits your screen, the glass behind the screen is unlikely to break – not only protecting you, but saving you money. And not to mention, Crimsafe gives you protection from break-ins and Australia’s harsh environments

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Is your home storm ready? Spending a bit of time before storm season really hits can make all the difference and keep your home and family safe during summer.

Request your free measure and quote online or give us a call on 07 3875 2326 for extra storm security with Crimsafe security screens.


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