Brisbane is considered the safest major city to in Australia on the east coast. In comparison to Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane has consistently lower crime rates. However, because Brisbane is becoming more populated and opportunities for growth continue, the crime rate in Brisbane is increasing at a faster rate than Sydney. Which is a cause for concern.

Queensland households saw a 2.2% attempted break-in rate, with a total of 40,700 incidents reported to local authorities. 16.4% of all burglaries that took place in Australia in 2017 happened in Queensland.

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In 2015 a survey of DUMA (Drug Use Monitoring in Australia) detainees was conducted to help police learn more about why property crime is happening in the first place.

Participants were asked the reasons why property crimes may be declining:

  • Improved security – 31%
  • Changes to policing – 20%
  • Increased affluence – 11%
  • Increased imprisonment – 10%
  • Changes in drug use – 7%
  • Changes in the market for stolen goods – 4%

They were also asked the reasons particular properties were targeted. The reasons fell heavily into opportunistic attacks rather than a planned effort against a particular property.

  • Houses that appeared vacant or unoccupied
  • Doors and window left open
  • Rubbish bins left outside on the curb
  • Detectable spare keys
  • No lights turned on inside the house in the evening
  • An overflowing mailbox
  • Houses that had an expensive car in the driveway
  • Any valuable items on display or in view either in the yard on from a door or window

The above information shows that break ins, or unlawful entry is often a crime of opportunity and there are a lot of easy things that you can do to protect yourself and your property.


Brisbane Crime Rates By Suburb

There are a number of areas in Brisbane that have higher break in rates than others. The top break-in hotspots for Brisbane are:

  1. Inala
  2. Forest Lake
  3. Deception Bay
  4. Woodridge
  5. Runcorn
  6. Southport
  7. Sunnybank
  8. Sunnybank Hills
  9. Surfers Paradise
  10. Eagleby

If you’re living in or around these areas, then your home could be at greater risk of break-ins theft or other forms of property damage. This not only means you may not only pay higher premiums for your home insurance, but your family could be in danger.

You deserve to feel safe in your home at all times.

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Brisbane Crime Rates By Suburb: Bridgeman Downs & Albany Creek

In 2017 alone, the QLD Government reported over 175 unlawful entry offences in Albany Creek alone. And over 1,000 offences against property including damage and other theft offences.

What does this mean for your property?

Despite the high crime rates in the area, both Albany Creek and Bridgeman Downs are in high demand for buying and renting property. This largely comes down to the affordability of the area.

With more and more first home buyers and young families with a preference to buy a house instead of renting one, these areas can tick a lot of the right boxes. In the last 10 years the shift in demographic in this area has dropped to younger families and has an overall younger demographic than most parts of Brisbane.

This means that as more families settle into this area, crime rates could start to decrease. However, a savvy burglar could see this as an opportunity to target new homeowners who might not have the right security in place yet.

It’s important to recognise that security screens aren’t just a solution to helping you feel more safe at home, but a long-term investment that can add tons of value to your property as well. By installing Crimsafe, the highest quality security screens on the market, not only will you be giving yourself peace of mind, but you’ll be boosting the resale potential of your property.


Protecting Your Home & Family

There are a lot of ways that you can protect your home from break-ins, but installing a high-value security screen is one of the easiest ways to get peace of mind that you and your family are safe.

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No matter where you’re living, you should always protect your home as much as possible for the safety of your home and family. Read about our top tips for home security to learn more about how you can give yourself and your family peace of mind.


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