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Everyday, our team at Davcon are helping answer our customer’s big questions.

But sometimes, we don’t get a chance to chat with people directly because of the myths about Crimsafe that are already out in the world. And these perceptions, which are often misconceptions, usually mean that people aren’t getting the best protection for their homes.

We’re responding to the top myths about Crimsafe security screens to give you the real answers.


Crimsafe makes your home dark

Installing the toughest security screens on the market that have a black stainless steel mesh on your doors and windows can sound almost claustrophobic and dark. And that’s a common perception. We get asked all the time if Crimsafe will make your home dark.

The answer is: no.

The black mesh from Crimsafe security screens absorbs light and reduces glare. Which means that it’s more similar to tinted windows than an obstruction stopping light from coming in.

Crimsafe Classic installed by Davcon Security Screens Brisbane


Crimsafe is only available in a limited colour range

While Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff mesh is only available in the colour black, the frames of your Crimsafe security screens can be customised completely to suit your home.

Davcon offers the standard Crimsafe colour range, premium wood-grain colour range and the Dulux powder coating range. So you can be sure that you’ll find the right colour for your home and style.

Crimsafe Security Screens in sage green installed by Davcon


Crimsafe security screens rust

Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff mesh is made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel which on its own has a lifespan of approximately 65 years. High grade pre-treatment and high durability powder coat technologies which are used for Crimsafe screens will further protect and enhance the finished product.

As long as the powder coating remains intact, Crimsafe mesh will not rust.

Please read Crimsafe’s Care Guide for further information.


Crimsafe is too expensive

Crimsafe certainly has a reputation for being expensive. And, as a premium product that exceeds Australian standards you’d expect that it’s going to cost a bit more than a standard fly screen, or aluminium screen door.

There are lots of ways Crimsafe can be affordable for everyone. Learn more about how you can afford Crimsafe.


Crimsafe is limited to certain doors and windows

Crimsafe security screens are entirely custom made by our installation and manufacturing team here at Davcon. This means that we can fit Crimsafe to almost any door or window including bi-fold doors, louvre windows and pivot doors.

Learn more about Crimsafe’s product range and how you can customise your home with Crimsafe security screens.

Crimsafe Patio enclosure installed by Davcon


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