Davcon Security Screens are proud installers of Crimsafe products. Crimsafe is the leading Australian designer of security screens. Crimsafe products have been trialed, tested and proven to be high quality, reliable and affordable. The two most popular Crimsafe ranges are Crimsafe Regular and Crimsafe Ultimate. Simply put, Crimsafe Ultimate can be thought of as the more advanced version of Crimsafe. However, to really understand what the benefits of Crimsafe Ultimate are, we have put together a comparison between the Regular and the Ultimate Crimsafe features.

Regular crimsafe range - Davcon Security screens


Crimsafe Regular

When it comes to the physical security screen, here are the key Crimsafe elements:


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Screw-ClampTM technology

This is the feature that borders the security screen, where the mesh meets the frame. The patented Screw-Clamp technology has special teeth that perfectly matches the profile of the mesh, locking it deep into the frame. This means that when the screen receives any impact, the Screw-Clamp and hook feature spread the impact throughout the frame evenly, which helps to withstand powerful and sustained attacks. Along with evenly distributing the force applied to the screen, it also ensures that the mesh can’t be pulled from the frame at all.

Screw clamp technology - regular Crimsafe

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Tensile-Tuff® mesh

The patented Crimsafe mesh is high tensile woven stainless steel. This type of mesh means that if a home intruder tries to slash the security screen, they will not only be unsuccessful but it will make a long enough noise to wake you up. Therefore, all Crimsafe screens easily pass the Australian Standard Knife Shear Test. Also, the Crimsafe industry leading 0.9mm, 304 grade steel mesh is nice and rigid which guarantees no hand hold. Crimsafe is Australian designed, so there are some great features included perfect for our environment. For example, the Tensile-Tuff® mesh has been put through testing and amazingly it can withstand 10,000 hours of salt spray!

Clamp icon - Davcon security screens

Tamper Resistant Screws

Crimsafe has a tamper-resistant screws designed to prevent intruders from removing them with regular tools. Even seeing these screws deters the intruder from possible attempted break in.


Why choose Crimsafe Ultimate?

Crimsafe Ultimate is designed to not only include all the Crimsafe Regular core features but to build on them; providing an even stronger, better looking security screen. There are several distinct differences that we will now highlight.

graph comparison of Crimsafe regular, ultimate and commercial


Greater strength and security

  • The Crimsafe Ultimate has twice as many tamper resistant screws than regular Crimsafe. The tamper resistant screws in Crimsafe Ultimate fastens the mesh to the frame at more frequent intervals (every 125mm along the frame) than Crimsafe Regular (every 62.5mm along the frame).
  • The Ultimate screens have a wider frame, which is stronger against jemmy attacks.
  • Crimsafe Ultimate screens are 40% stronger than Crimsafe regular products and 7 times stronger than the impact level required by the Australian Standard.
  • Crimsafe Ultimate resists impacts levels up to 700 joules! Which is 200 joules more than the Regular Crimsafe and is the same level as the Crimsafe Heavy Duty range.


Clip-on cover that conceals the screws

  • This gives the frame a smooth, sleek appearance, perfect for a more design, style focused home.
  • As the screws cannot be seen or accessed by the burglar, it provides greater protection from intruders.
  • Clip on covers that conceals the screw - Crimsafe ultimate
  • This cover doesn’t just protect the fasteners from criminals, but also the elements, which means no corrosion. In fact The Crimsafe Ultimate system is able to withstand 3,000 hours (30 years element expose equivalent) in the salt spray test. This is incredible when you consider that the industry standard is just 1,000 hours.
  • No corrosion cover


Easy to clean

  • Due to the unique curved profile and dual santoprene beading in a curved edge design, the accumulation of dust is lessened significantly. The screens can then just be washed with a mild detergent and warm water, making your Crimsafe products very quick and easy to clean.


Extended warranty

  • The standard Crimsafe warranty is 10 years, however, when you purchase Crimsafe Ultimate you are offered an extra 5 years of warranty, making that 15 years of warranty!


Crimsafe Ultimate, like its name suggests is a superior product to the Regular Crimsafe. Both Crimsafe Regular and Crimsafe Ultimate will protect your home from intruders, however, as you’ve just read Crimsafe Ultimate really is the superior product. So, if you have any questions about the difference between the two ranges of Crimsafe products that we install, or want a free quote, please contact us today

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