Crimsafe believes that when it comes to your home and your family there should be no compromise. That’s why Crimsafe are not only producers of Australia’s leading home security products, Crimsafe security screens also come packed with additional features that tackle the Australian climate!

This two part series will break these features down. Investigating both the mechanical and practical functions of Crimsafe security screens, these articles will detail to you the extent of how Crimsafe works for you!

Part one will look at the mechanics of Crimsafe security screens and ask: How is Crimsafe so crim safe? Part two will then look at practicality and how Crimsafe weathers the weather! So stay tuned for part two as we jump into:

Part 1: How Crimsafe Keeps Your Home and Your Family Crim Safe

Crimsafe produces Australia’s strongest security screens. They are the only security screens to pass the roughest, toughest and most rigorous burglar-resistance test in the world, outperforming the Australian standards upwards of 7 times!

But, how is Crimsafe so crim safe?

This comes down to a multitude of factors, which can be broken down into the way the screens are constructed and the high quality materials used.

The first line of defence is the unique Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff mesh screen. This mesh screen uses technology and high quality materials that ensure it is impact and knife resistant. This means that it cannot be bent, broken or cut (with a knife) by an intruder attempting to gain entry to your home.

Crimsafe window installation by Davcon

When it comes to knife sheer testing, Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff mesh consistently performs a cut above the rest, proving to be impenetrable against knife attacks. This is a direct result of the several hardening processes the steel undergoes before it is considered crim safe enough to become Tensile-Tuff mesh. These hardening processes are crucial technology as they make the steel considerably stronger, which is that extra length Crimsafe goes toward ensuring your home and your family are protected.

When put up against vigorous impact testing, Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff mesh remains in shape, absorbing well above any amount of force able to be dealt by an intruder. Again, this is a direct result of Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff technology. Not only is the steel used considerably stronger, the steel thread and weave technique of Tensile-Tuff mesh is enhanced to absorb and disperse impact. This occurs through the unique cross sections of the mesh, being the points at which each of the steel wires intertwine. Using a 0.9mm 304 grade steel, coupled with Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff weave technology, these cross sections are, on average, 26.5% thicker than other security screens without limiting visibility. Additionally, the way each steel strand is woven into the mesh acts to support the others around it, creating a secondary system of strength and resistance against intruder impact attacks.

White Crimsafe Doors Pallara - Installed by Davcon

The Crimsafe Screw Clamp technology becomes the next crucial component of Crimsafe.

If an intruder cannot find a simple way to bypass your security screens, such as cutting through them, the next move is an attempt to remove them.

The easiest way to remove security screens is with brute force. It could be a kick, punch, body charge or even using an object such as a bat, or something left outside in your garden like a large rock or garden ornament. If insufficiently secured, these attacks can successfully force your security screen out of its frame, allowing an attacker to gain entry to your home.

However, pioneered by Crimsafe, the Screw Clamp system creates a vice-like grip, which holds the Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff mesh securely to the frame. These clamps work to absorb and disperse impact, giving your Crimsafe security screen an incredible ability to withstand tremendous force. In fact, up against cyclone debris testing, Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff mesh working together with Crimsafe Screw Clamp technology creates such a resilient system that it can withstand debris and projectiles up to 392kmph! Not so good news for the intruder trying to gain access to your home.

Presently at the CF6 model, the Screw Clamp remains true to the original design, however is constantly undergoing slight adjustments. These adjustments are made to take advantage of material innovations, push industry standards and create new benchmarks in home security.

The current CF6 Screw Clamp is formulated with the highest quality polymers and thermoset resins, reinforced with the strongest ‘zero-angle’ carbon fibres. Before each batch of manufacture, these materials are reviewed and selected to ensure that each individual clamp is manufactured to the highest possible standard and that there is 100% consistency in production. It is this extreme attention to and level of detail that is the extra mile Crimsafe goes to in ensuring their products are always working for you, to keep your home and your family crim safe.

If intruders are unable to gain access to your home through cutting or brute force applied to the screen, the next attack is usually to the screen edges.

Crimsafe Screw Clamp technology when combined with Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff mesh creates superior quality housing frames that are pull proof and anti-jemmy. This means intruders aren’t able to pull Tensile-Tuff from its frame, or use screwdrivers or crowbars to pry the screens off.

This includes points of considered weakness, such as hinges and locking mechanisms, which are often targeted by intruders to gain access. The combination of these Crimsafe features provide the final layer of defence between you and any unwanted intruders.

Crimsafe believes in developing products that not only meet, but far exceed expectations and standards, placing Crimsafe at the forefront of home security. The combination of features, innovative technologies, exceptionally high quality materials and ingenuity ensures Crimsafe products will not only outperform competitors products but push the Australian benchmarks for home security.

Crimsafe go further than the extra mile and have really thought of everything when it comes to home security. That is how Crimsafe keeps your home and your family crim safe.

Stay tuned for part two: How Crimsafe weathers the weather!

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