Welcome to part two of our ‘Protecting Your Home While You’re Away On Holidays’ blog series. In case you missed part one, you can read that here.

Aside from taking the usual steps of making sure all your doors and windows are closed and locked and all valuables are stored in a safe place and aren’t visible, giving the impression that you’re still home is a great deterrent for a would-be burglar.

 Studies have proven that most break-ins are opportunistic when a house appears to be vacant or unoccupied so ‘keeping up appearances’ so to speak can work wonders.

Using the latest technology is a great way to make it appear as if you’re home when you’re lying on a beach having a relaxing holiday!

Use Lighting Apps

A great way to make it look like you’re home is to have some lights on at night. You can get an app that will put your lights on a timer so when it starts to get dark, lights will turn on. This is a great set-and-forget solution for when you’re away.

The downside to this, however, is if you’re away for an extended period, Someone who’s ‘casing’ your house will notice that the lights are automated as the timing will be exact. But you can also look for an app that lets you turn lights on and off manually – this will confuse anyone who’s keeping an eye on your place for all the wrong reasons.

Speaking of lights…



Install Sensor Lights

Installing sensor lights will deter anyone who’s approaching your house. While it’s no secret that sensor lights exist and most people will know it’s not turned on by a vigilant homeowner – it will blow their cover. If someone has seen your home as an opportunity for crime, a sensor light will activate – and stay turned on – when someone is close by.

Helpful Hint: Install sensor lights around the sides and back of your home too! A burglar may think he or she can bypass a sensor light by making their way around the back. But if you expose them there too – they’ll be more inclined to find another home with less risk of getting caught out.


Pick Up Your Spare Key

Having a spare key hidden around the yard is a great idea for those who forget their keys a lot (we won’t judge – we’ve all been there). But if a burglar knows you’re away, they also know they have time to look under some pot plants and in mailboxes.

So pick up your spare key before you head off. Maybe drop it at a friends’ or neighbours if you’re worried you could lose your keys while away!



Have Friends and Neighbours Drop By

Having movement in and around the house will deter burglars further as they’re never going to know if someone’s home or not.

Chat with your neighbours and ask them to clear out any junk mail that could pile up, take the bins out sometimes or even drop in to make use of your Netflix account. And remember to return the favour!

Building a community of friendship and vigilance in your neighbourhood means you’ll rarely have to worry about the security of your home while you’re away.


Hire a House Sitter

If you’re away for an extended period of time, why not hire a house sitter to take care of your garden and keep your home clean? There’s nothing better than coming home after a month to a home that’s fresh and clean instead of stuffy and dusty!

Check out Aussie House Sitters if you’re in the market. This a free service for homeowners and house sitters are paid with free accommodation – so everybody wins.



Share Your Car

If you have a trusted friend or family member who lives close by – offer them your car for use while you’re away. This is a two-fold solution for both your car maintenance and home security.

Having your car move around a bit – parked a bit different in the driveway or in front of the house – will give the illusion of a lived in home.

Secondly, leaving your car sitting without being turned on or running for an extended period of time can actually damage your vehicle. Keeping it in use will charge the battery and keep the engine oiled and lubricated.


Avoid Climbing Points

Before you head off on your relaxing holiday, walk around your house looking for trees, ladders or anything else that might have been left that could help someone into your home.

Put away any ladders or large apparatus under lock and key and trim back trees so they can’t be used for climbing. The other plus side of having your trees cut back is that it removes any cover that a burglar may be able to use when conducting their shady activity, trying to break into your doors or windows.


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