If you’re wondering “can I install a dog door in my Crimsafe”, you’re not alone. We get asked this question everyday! And the short answer is yes! But…

Before you install a pet door in your Crimsafe product you need to know:

  • Pet doors are not endorsed by Crismafe
  • Once you alter the security door, with any hole or opening, you have reduced your security level.
  • Your Crimsafe will no longer meet the Australian Standard and isn’t classified as a security product.

These are some pretty serious things to consider before you install your Crimsafe. However it’s important to note a small pet door within your Crimsafe screens is still safer than having no Crimsafe at all.


What kind of pet door will you need?

Davcon uses Petway – pet doors. There are three sizes available, and it’s recommended that you browse their range and choose your pet door size, with consideration. Davcon will not install any other pet door into your Crimsafe Security products.

If you have a small dog or a cat, adding a small pet door isn’t going to be as great a risk, compared to the medium and large size available.

If you have a larger dog, it means you’ll need a larger pet door. And that can create a brand new access point for someone trying to break into your home. If your large animal can access your home, then it can be used for a human access point. But on the flip side, it means you have a large dog which can also be a deterrent to break ins!


Pet Door in Crimsafe Regular Sliding Door
Davcon installed clear anodised Crimsafe Regular double sliding doors (Highgate Hill)


Is a pet door better than just keeping your door open?


If your plan is to get Crimsafe with a pet door, it’s going to keep your home and family much safer than if you were to get Crimsafe and just leave the door open for your pet to come and go all day. Doing this means insects and burglars can come and go as they please too!

If you have a Crimsafe door closed and in locked position, even with a small pet door you’ll still be getting nearly all the benefits of Crimsafe.

So if you’re keeping your home safe with Crimsafe on other doors and windows and following home safety measures, a small pet door may not make a huge difference to your safety.


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What to consider before you get a pet door

At Davcon, we recommend that you take everything into consideration when choosing whether to get a pet door in your Crimsafe product.


  • Do you need a pet door large enough that a person (or child) can fit through?


  • Where will you be getting your pet door installed? Will this be visible to the street front or visitors of your home?


  • Will you be comfortable leaving your home with the knowledge that your Crimsafe products are closed and locked, but with your pet door open for access?


  • Pet doors come with a basic lock system, it is advised to look into this on the petway website before deciding to have a pet door installed in your Crimsafe products. Davcon advises all customers that an entry point offers a potential burglar an opportunity.


white and black dogs inside Crimsafe security doors
Davcon installed Black Crimsafe Ultimate sliding doors (Moggill)


This is everything that you need to know before you install a pet door into your Crimsafe. So please make sure you know the pros and cons for your circumstances, and don’t hesitate to ask your friendly Davcon Crimsafe specialist if you need any more information.

For any questions on Crimsafe and pet doors or if you’d like to book a free quote, give us a call on 07 3875 2326, or book a free on-site measure and quote online.

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