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It’s more than common to assume that if you’re living on the 5th floor (or higher) in an apartment building, installing security screens on windows and doors are just a waste of money. On a higher floor, you can’t be broken into right? Scaling a building is too hard for burglars and they shouldn’t be able to get into the building through the front door anyway, right? 

You need a key or fob to get into your building, then again to use the elevator and then another key to get into your front door. That’s three tiers of security right there. 

But is it really enough? 


How Can Burglars Get Into Your Building? 

We know that you want to believe that living in an apartment building is safer than a house from the risk of a break in. And that’s completely true. Houses are far more appealing to opportunistic burglars who are simply walking past. This is far less likely to happen in an apartment, simply because less people are going to walk past your door. 

Now, we don’t want to start fear-mongering or pitting you against anyone, but do you know everyone who lives on your floor, or even in your building? 

The people living in your apartment might not be the most trustworthy, or have the most trustworthy friends. If you have a steady routine or your neighbours know that you’re away on holiday then you’re at risk of getting broken into. 

The point is, we don’t know everything about the people living around us, so we always have to be safe. 


How the Rise of the Delivery Lifestyle Lets More People Into Your Building

Living in 2020, you can get anything delivered straight to your door. Groceries, take out, clothes, toilet paper and everything in between. And if you’re getting all these things delivered to your home, so is everybody else. 

When you buzz up a delivery person, chances are your neighbours are also buzzing delivery people up a few times a day as well. And when they’re walking into the building, someone straight off the street can simply just follow them in, pretending that they live there or are visiting a friend. They might even pretend to be another delivery person! 

In a nutshell, it’s not hard to get into an apartment building these days as we let more  and more strangers into our homes.  

Adding Crimsafe to your front door means that you’re adding an extra layer of protection for your home and family as apartment building foot traffic grows. 

And what’s the harm in having an extra layer between yourself and an unexpected knock on the door? Having a security screen will make you feel much safer answering the door. 


Secure Your Highrise Apartment from the Elements

Not only do you want to keep your home safe from break ins, but you want to ensure that you’ll be safe from everything! Being higher up, you know that the weather is always a bit more dangerous than it is on the ground. The wind is stronger, the rain is heavier and the chance of hail is higher. 

Crimsafe security screens are specially designed to protect against flying debris from wind gusts of up to 392km/h. This means that they’ll also protect your apartment from hail and strong winds. 

When you’re caught in a storm, the last thing that you want is a broken window. 

Additionally, Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff security mesh filters 62% of UV radiation. This means that the sunlight coming into your home is going to be less harsh, and you can be protected from UV damage. 

Crimsafe security screens won’t obstruct your high-rise views and keeps the cool breeze coming in – perfect for Brisbane summers! 


If you’re ready to protect your apartment from break ins and the wild weather, Crimsafe is the best way to do it. Call Davcon today on 07 3875 2326 or get in touch online for a free measure and quote

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