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At Davcon, we’re sticklers for safety – and that’s why we ONLY provide Crimsafe security screens. In our opinion, they are simply the best security screen available on the market and nothing else comes close. 

However, as long as there’s Crimsafe, there’s always going to be Crimsafe competitors. That’s okay because it means that Crimsafe will continue to test and create the best possible home security screens AND Davcon can continue to provide Brisbane and Gold Coast homes with the best security options available. 

If you are in the market for security screens, it can be a bit daunting to decide which is the best option for you. Every manufacturer will claim their product is the best on the market so we’ve broken down the key differences between Crimsafe security screens and our competitors so that you can make the most informed decision for your family.

Because only the best security screens are right to keep your home and family protected.


Do you want to protect against burglars or bugs? 

The first thing to understand is what you actually require. Is it security screens or simply a flyscreen to keep insects out? Crimsafe security screens do both of course, but a fly screen offers no protection against break-ins and isn’t classified as a ‘security screen’. 

Fly screens are made from wire or plastic mesh which can be easily penetrated by an intruder. They also just sit into the window frame and are not secured with suitable fixings – making these easy to simply remove. But they will keep the insects out!


Crimsafe Patio enclosure installed by Davcon


Crimsafe Security Screen Competitors 

There are now a number of security screens on the market that are quite similar to Crimsafe – but they don’t deliver the goods so to speak,

Many security screens on the market today are using 316 Stainless Steel mesh, which is the most corrosion-resistant available. This level of stainless steel is great if you’re living right on the beach and you’re getting that salty sea breeze all day, every day.

But if you don’t have a beach view, this level of corrosion prevention is just going to cost you more money for no real benefit. Crimsafe uses 304 grade stainless steel which has a lifespan of 65 years.

But if you don’t live right near a beach, this level of corrosion prevention is just going to cost you more money for no real benefit.

Crimsafe mesh is made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel which on its own has a lifespan of approximately 65 years.

In the industry-standard Salt Spray Test, a salt solution is sprayed at the test samples for 1,000 hours, simulating 10 years of exposure to very harsh weathering conditions. The Crimsafe security screen system tested passed a massive 3,000 hours with no corrosion. Our Tensile-Tuff® security mesh passed 10,000 hours with no corrosion.

High-grade pre-treatment and high-durability powder coat technologies are applied to further protect and enhance the finished Crimsafe product. Together, this makes Crimsafe highly resistant to corrosion. Please read Crimsafe’s Care Guide for further information.

And what’s more? Our competitors don’t use a screw clamp system to secure their mesh into a frame. Often, these are just glued or wedged into position. This means that a burglar can simply kick the door in to gain entry! With Crimsafe’s patented screw-clamp technology, that mesh can’t be separated from the frame using any amount of human force! 

Some competitor security screen brands market a secure 3-point locking system. However, Crimsafe have tight recommendations on suitable triple locks to withstand the superior quality of Crimsafe. They even go the extra mile with Crimsafe iQ range’s five individual lock modules – giving you an even tougher option.


See Crimsafe security screens in action beating all the Australian security tests 

Crimsafe Videos


How does Crimsafe beat out its competitors? 

Simply put, Crimsafe is stronger than the rest – and here’s why: 

    1. Crimsafe use thicker mesh and a screw-clamp system that is proven to be significantly stronger and harder to break into than our competitors.
    2. Crimsafe’s patented Screw-Clamp technology has special teeth precisely matching the profile of the mesh, which locks the mesh deep into the frame. The Screw-Clamp and hook feature spreads the impact throughout the frame to withstand powerful and sustained attacks.
    3. Crimsafe’s powder-coated mesh and frames provide simple, clean lines that enhance and complement your home or business. You get maximum security, with a great view.
    4. Crimsafe improves your energy efficiency. Up to 40% of household heat gain and loss occurs through glass windows and doors. Installing Crimsafe over glass windows and doors improves the cooling and heat retention energy efficiency of a building. It’s verified by the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS).
    5. Crimsafe gives you a quick exit in emergencies, even while keeping the bad guys out. Our unique Safe-S-Cape® is a keyless exit system that is easy to use from the inside, but still provides complete security and protection from the outside.
    6. Crimsafe is corrosion-resistant. Crimsafe screens have endured 3,000 hours of prohesion salt spray testing, simulating 30 years of environmental exposure, with no corrosion, no loss of adhesion and no blistering.
    7. Crimsafe provides a minimum 10-year warranty. That’s 10 years’ peace of mind with the option to extend to 12 years for Crimsafe Regular or Crimsafe Classic, and up to 15 years for Crimsafe Ultimate or Crimsafe iQ. That’s how confident we are that every product lives up to our exacting standards.
    8. Crimsafe produces Cyclone Debris Screens for use in Regions C and D, passing Australian Standard tests that simulate the impact of flying debris at up to 392kph.
    9. Crimsafe Fire Tuff® screens are bushfire compliant to the highest risk rating, and tested for fire attenuation, reducing the intensity of radiant heat flux and naked flame by up to 59%.


So you can see…Crimsafe offers the toughest security screens available in Australia. Why put your family at risk with an imitation security screen that can’t do the job? 

Protect your family and request your free quote, or give us a call on 07 3875 2326 today. 

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