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Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as creating a home with foolproof security; as much as we at Davcon hate to admit it. But our mission is to help you keep your family safe in your home so we’re going to do everything we can to make it as safe as possible.

That’s why we always encourage you to think about Crimsafe coverage for your windows and doors.

Many customers we’ve worked with will only include windows in their Crimsafe installation if they’re at a ground level and are large enough for a person to fit through. And when you’re thinking of break ins, this makes sense. However, keeping your home safe is more than just keeping our burglars.


Why You Should Install Crimsafe Windows

There are a lot of reasons why adding Crimsafe to your windows can improve your home security.


1. Keep your kids safe from window falls

If you own a residential property in Australia, legally, your windows that are 1.7m above ground floor need to follow ABCB’s safety standards.

Crimsafe ranges Regular, Ultimate and iQ are suitable for fall prevention.*
*Crimsafe Classic is yet to be tested


2. Storm damage protection

Crimsafe security screens are designed to protect your home against hail, wind and debris brought on by Australia’s harsh weather. With Crimsafe security screens you’ll be safe from winds and debris up to 392km/hour.


3. Increases the quality of your home life

Being able to open up your windows to let in the light and airflow can make your home a pleasure to be in. And with Crimsafe security screens you can do just that while also keeping out bugs, insects and harmful UV rays!


4. Crimsafe Safe S Capes can save lives

You might want to keep the windows on your lower floors screen-free in case you need to use them as an exit in case of an emergency. And that’s a great idea! It’s incredibly important to have safety precautions in your home. That’s why Crimsafe has developed Safe S Cape windows. These windows have the same strength and security from the outside, but can be opened easily from the inside so you can get out quickly and easily.


At Davcon, we offer Crimsafe’s full window range so that you can find the perfect custom fit for your home.


Hinged Windows

Ideal for windows you want to open, Crimsafe hinged widows are available for nearly all window types and can be designed to be hinged to the left or right sides or top!



Fixed windows

For locked-in-place security! An ideal solution for sash windows, louvre windows, double hung windows and large window areas.


Sliding Windows

Designed for single and multi-panel windows, these security screens can be fitted to nearly every window size. These windows can also be used as a servery option for your outdoor entertainment area.


Safe S Capes

Safe-S-Cape Security Screens don’t need a key. You can unlock them from the inside with the push or pull of a handle. And because you want to have the most effortless exit possible, you can decide whether the screen swings in or out upon opening.


Is your home as safe as it can be with Crimsafe window protection? For a completely free measure and quote, give us a call on 07 3875 2326 or book a free quote online.

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