Warmer weather is never more than a day away in South East Queensland! And what better way to enjoy the Australian summer than throwing open your windows and doors and enjoying cool breezes throughout your home. But it’s never as magical as it sounds. Open windows invite in flies, mosquitoes and even thieves.

With Crimsafe security screens, you can open up your home to the breeze, but not all the baddies.

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Keep your home cool with Crimsafe

Australian summers can get HOT! Staying cool can mean pumping the air conditioning 24/7 – this is not easy on your wallet or on the environment. Crimsafe security screens let you ventilate your home without compromising your home security or having to pay exorbitant ongoing costs.

Plus Crimsafe is WERS rated in a number of typical aluminium window applications to reduce solar heat gain in your home by up to 53%. You’ll feel pretty smug when the inevitable summer power outages occur and you’re still cool as a cucumber in your home!


Keep out the flies and mozzies

Opening your windows for some fresh air doesn’t mean having to contend with pesky insects such as flies and mosquitoes. Crimsafe keeps out nearly all creepy crawlies out so you can enjoy the nice weather in peace.


Did you know you can also get your patio and deck area enclosed with Crimsafe? Enjoy barbeques outside without flies buzzing around your head, or swatting away the mosquitoes biting your ankles. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?


Crimsafe protects your home from summer storms

For all of us living in Queensland, we know to always prepare for a rainy day, even when the skies are clear. Queensland’s summer is infamous for our sometimes destructive storms.

The good news is that Crimsafe doors, windows and Safe-S-Capes are approved for use in Cyclone regions C & D, passing the highest levels of cyclone debris screening. With Crimsafe, your home is protected during storms from wind gusts of up to 392km/hour, hail and other debris, protecting the glass and doors behind your screens. All while letting in airflow and sunlight before and after storms.


The best home security with Crimsafe

Crimsafe is the only security screen product in Australia where the mesh is screwed into the frame and clamped down with our unique Screw-Clamp design. Most other security screen mesh systems sold in Australia are held in place with a wedge forced in under pressure, or are simply glued in.

The difference in impact resistance between a Crimsafe screen and an ordinary security mesh product is significant. Crimsafe repels the physical assault that a burglar or intruder would apply like no other stainless steel security product. In addition to outstanding impact resistance, Crimsafe screens also have excellent cutting resistance qualities. Crimsafe’s International Patents mean that other stainless steel mesh security screen products simply can’t feature the same design or offer the same strength.

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Are you summer ready? Keep your home cool and protected during the summer months with Crimsafe.

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