Security doors versus guard dogs, which works better to protect your home? We are here to shed some light on this question that’s pondered by many. Should you own a big scary dog or get security doors installed?

Let’s start with acknowledging that there are some people who don’t like to invest much into their home security. It is these people who see an either-or situation when it comes to having security doors installed or having a scary looking guard dog (if they own a dog at all). And you know what? That’s ok. We will make sure we come to a solid conclusion for you, so you only have to pick one home security measure.

Guard dogs – the pros

Guard dogs are a great deterrent. Burglars take note of when a household has a dog, particularly a large one when they case somewhere.

In a lot of instances, the presence of a dog will eliminate your house as a target. This is for a couple of reasons:

  • People don’t want to be attacked by a vicious guard dog.
  • The dog barking will notify the owner of the presence of a burglar.
  • Most guard dogs make lovely family pets and are great with children!

Guard dogs – the cons

Guard dogs need to be trained.  It is not enough for them to be a ‘typical guard dog breed’. The dog will either be a useless guard dog (too friendly or complacent towards strangers) or will be too aggressive.

Poorly or untrained ‘guarding breeds’ dogs can become vicious, standoffish or just plain scary towards all visitors, even those who you invite in. So, appropriate training is required. If you are wanting a proper guard dog, there are professional services that will train your dog for you.

In the end, you want a dog that is loving towards you, your family and those who you choose to invite into your home, whilst protecting your house as ferociously as this dog protects this cake!

Security Doors – good vs bad

There is no use paying to install security doors if the doors that get installed aren’t good. Bad security doors are easy to be kicked in/ripped open. So, you must make sure you buy security doors from a reputable company, with a high-quality product! If you make the smart choice to install Crimsafe security doors, make sure you do your research on the installer to ensure they are a registered Crimsafe Licensee.

You are better off with no security door than a poorly made and installed security door. Burglars case houses to see the type of doors, and easy access points into the house. Dodgy security doors are a beacon for robbers. Also, older doors in general burglars love to see. There are many methods to gain access into the house through these old doors and windows.

So, what do you choose?

When it comes to security it is much better to have a dog than not have one. Even if your dog is super friendly (golden retriever), really sleepy (basset hound) or timid (whippet).

If you already have a family dog, teach it to bark at strangers (a basic guarding skill). As no matter the breed, this will deter burglars from choosing your house. Although please note, that obviously, a large guard looking dog will be more of a deterrent.

However, if you want to truly be safe you should also give us a call to get a free quote on the installation Crimsafe security screens. After all, Crimsafe screens have been trialled and tested, and are proved to be a superior security screen.

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