Yale Screen Door with Crimsafe Locks

Now that we’ve reached the 2020’s, it feels like we’re in the future. And while we don’t have flying cars just yet, our everyday technology has advanced so much in the last decade alone.

Smart homes and smart home security are no longer a futuristic goal, but a thing of the present, and Davcon Security Screens are proud to now offer the option of a Yale smart lock on Crimsafe hinged doors.

Access the latest in smart home security software and hardware to keep your doors safe and secure.


Davcon and Yale Locks

Installing your Crimsafe hinged doors with Yale’s Unity Digital Entrance Lock opens your home to a new range of digital opportunities. With the integration of the Yale access platform, the lock has been designed specifically for the Australian market – just like Crimsafe.

Do you ever get to your front door with your arms full of groceries, kids or pets without a hand free to rummage through your bag or pockets for your key?


How often do you leave your house only to think, “did I lock the door?”

Do your family members forget their keys?

Have you had guests turn up early while you’re stuck in traffic trying to get home to let them in?

All these instances are a thing of the past with Yale Smart Lock and Crimsafe.


Using technologies including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS along with the Yale Access App you can use the auto-unlock feature as you approach, check the app to ensure your door is locked (and lock it if you need to!). From the app you can even unlock your door for friends or family without a key and make sure the door is then locked again behind them.

With Crimsafe and Yale Smart Lock you have access to premium home security with Australia’s toughest security screen doors, along with the latest in home security technology.

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Yale Lock Features

  • 3- Point Locking System
    Activating the 3-point locking system is as simple as lifting the door handle up on exit, to engage the top and bottom locks.

  • Total Control Via the App
    Automatically see your lock status and lock and unlock your door remotely via the Yale Access App.

  • Tailor User Access
    Grant access to others for one time access & keep track of visitor access.

  • Auto Unlocking
    Yale Locks use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & GPS to unlock your doors as you approach.

  • DoorSense for peace of mind
    DoorSense™ is a technology which will let you know whether your door is securely closed. If anything unexpected happens, like the door being left ajar, you will be the first to know.

  • Unrivalled Security
    Meets Australian lock standards AS4145.2:2008, SL6 and D7


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Google Rating
Based on 174 reviews