Crimsafe Ultimate French Doors in White - Davcon Installation

  When it comes to your home, aesthetics and security can be equally as important. As a homeowner, you’ll know that sometimes you need to make a choice between the two. But sometimes you don’t have to.  French doors can look fantastic on your home, but are often known as a security weak point in… Continue reading

Australia is known for a lot of things, but the weather, mateship and a bit of toughness is what sticks out the most. Our weather is like nowhere else in the world and can be dangerous. And all our animals seem to be trying to kill us. But that’s what makes us a tough bunch,… Continue reading

  If you’re wondering “can I install a dog door in my Crimsafe”, you’re not alone. We get asked this question everyday! And the short answer is yes! But… Before you install a pet door in your Crimsafe product you need to know: Pet doors are not endorsed by Crismafe Once you alter the security… Continue reading

Yes, unfortunately it is known that intruders are more likely to strike twice. Research into home invasions and burglaries consistently indicates that past victimisation is one of the best predictors of future risk. Although it is difficult to put exact figures on these risks, it is estimated that 50% of homes are targeted at least… Continue reading

How Crimsafe weathers the weather is the second installment of the two part series “How Crimsafe works for you!” A series that breaks down the safety and weather resistant features of Crimsafe security screens, detailing the extra mile that Crimsafe goes when designing their signature security screens. If you missed the first part How is… Continue reading

Crimsafe Ultimate door instllation by Davcon

Crimsafe believes that when it comes to your home and your family there should be no compromise. That’s why Crimsafe are not only producers of Australia’s leading home security products, Crimsafe security screens also come packed with additional features that tackle the Australian climate! This two part series will break these features down. Investigating both… Continue reading

Secure your home and open your options with Crimsafe bi-fold security screen doors Bi-fold doors are a staple in Queensland homes. They create an open and luxurious feel, can be used to create beautiful indoor-outdoor entertaining spaces and function to provide much needed airflow during the warmer months. However, these open doors do come with… Continue reading

Police data shows that last year 4.3% of Queensland homes experienced at least one break-in. That is more than one reported to police every hour! These break-ins represent 64% of all reported offences against property, which have been on a steady rise over the last decade, with some drastic annual increases of up to 12%.… Continue reading

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